Swimming Lessons   

The AYC is actively looking for a swim instructor for the summer of 2023.  If you know of anyone who is interested in teaching swimming weekdays for 5-6 hours, please contact any board member.  Until we find an instructor, no swimming lessons will be scheduled.

The AYC’s Summer Swim Program has been developing confident, accomplished swimmers for decades – and spending family-time together on the Androscoggin beachfront is authentic Maine fun for all ages.
Swimming lessons are available for AYC members or, for non members, through the Ladd Center summer recreation program. This summer there will be two three-week sessions, with lessons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  A description of the classes offered can be found below.

Classes Offered:
Level 1
Introduction to Water Skills
This level is for swimmers getting used to the water. We work on water entry and exit, back and front float with support, exploration of the water, simultaneous and alternating arm and leg movements on both front and back.
Level 2
Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Here’s where we learn to do it ourselves! Front and back floats unsupported along with breath control and underwater swimming. We start to learn the front crawl, back stroke and sidestroke.
Level 3
Stroke Development
In this level, we start to work on dives, opening our eyes underwater, rotary breathing, survival float, and treading water for 30 seconds. Swimmers will learn to swim 15 yards of backstroke and front crawl.
Level 4
Stroke Improvement
Standing dives! We also start to learn how to do breaststroke, elementary backstroke and butterfly for 15 yards, front crawl and backstroke for 25 yards. Treading water too!
Level 5
Stroke Refinement
To complete this level, all swimmers must be able to swim both front crawl and backstroke for 50 yards, along with the other four strokes for 25 yards. Swimming underwater for 15 yards, and floating on both sides and treading water for 2 minutes each.
Level 6
Personal Water Safety
After completing level 5, all swimmers work on endurance, being able to swim at least 100 yards of each stroke. This level always ends with a fun swim out to Whaleback Rock.