History of the Androscoggin Yacht Club

The AYC club house was built in 1910.

The first official meeting of the Androscoggin Yacht Club was held on August 28, 1909 at which time by-laws were adopted.  The following members were elected to the Androscoggin Yacht Club:  F. L. Chenery, B. F. Bradford, C. E. Wing, A. H. Davis Jr., Rev. A. A. Callaghan, C. H. Millett, J. D. Hodsdon, C. D. Lincoln, D. R. Berry, L. M. Morris, N. K. Lincoln, E. L. Lincoln, C. Swift, Dr. C. H. Barker, J. W. Gott, A. Stinchfield, J. W. Moulton, A. B. Lord, S. W. Bishop, C. Lincoln, L. Lincoln, L. T. Bryant, S. R. Morse, H. N. Morse, C. F. Davis, J. W. Lufkin, W. F. Rathburn, T. G. Jennings, A. F. Johnson, Dr. T. P. Hyatt, W. Ballou, Mr. Burghart, E. D. Tribou, D. R. Hood, H. Swift, P. L. Bradford, J. H. Bradford, N. Maxim, J. E. Turner, F. L. Chenery Jr., M. M. Smith, Prof. Ottman, Prof. H. T. Chase, W. A. Richardson, H. E. Buzzell, M. Johnson, J. Ridley, A. Frost, P. Johnson, F. F. Burr, and H. T. Burr.  G. E. Brumbaugh resigned as Secretary and B. F. Bradford was elected in his place.  A. H. Davis remained as Commodore.

Shortly after this meeting, due to the death of Albert H. Davis, a special meeting was held in the Wayne Library rooms, to elect a Commodore, construct a float at the end of Lake Street, and to provide a regatta in 1910.  The new commodore elected was J. Ward Maxim.  Albert H. Davis Jr. was elected Commodore in 1914, and with the exception of one year, he held that office until his death in 1961.

The building committee consisted of C. H. Millett, F. G. Lamson, and H. N. Morse.  $2,500.00 was to be raised.  There is a list of thirty-five persons who originally subscribed to bonds used to fund the construction of the building.  C. F. Davis provided a plan for a building with a shingled roof, outside walls of finished matching siding, sheathed wood partitions, and all interior woodwork planed but otherwise unfinished with all necessary plumbing, and was completed in July 1912.  The land cost $400.00, the building $1,950.00. Architecture plans; plumbing, grading, etc. took the balance of the $2,500.00, except for a “balance on hand” of $1.47.

The first regatta was held in 1910.  There were sailboat races over a marked course, also motor boat races.  In 1911 the club voted to adopt a flag in a triangle shape, red above and blue beneath, with a white square in the center and a blue A in the center of the white square.

A crib dock had been built in 1915.  It was built in winter on the ice and filled with stone; then the ice was sawed out around it and it was sunk.  This dock lasted about three years, when the ice wrecked it.  In 1919 a floating dock was built to replace it.

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