History of the Androscoggin Yacht Club

AYC Club House

AYC Club House

The original dues for the Club had been $2.00, but they were soon raised to $4.00 and at one point $9.00.  In 1921 it was decided to admit women to membership and the dues were set at $6.00 for men and $3.00 for women.  The addition of the women added the names of the wives to members as well as of other women to the list of the Club, and a Social Committee was elected to have charge of dances, suppers, and social activities.

Around 1919 the AY Needle Club was first noticed in the club records.  Tuesdays were considered “Needle Club” day at the Club.  Members gathered on the club’s porch with their sewing bags.  This continued throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The Yacht Club “Bean Suppers” were often planned during the Needle Club days.

By 1940 WWII had begun and summer travel to Wayne was also affected.  During those years there was little to report at the Androscoggin Yacht Club and very little club business occurred.  Somehow the club managed to continue and remained open.  After the war’s end in 1945 club activity returned slowly.

The Club had difficulty in meeting its expenses during its early years, and was unable to meet the interest on its bonds.  Some members turned in their bonds and finally in 1960 E. H. Healey got in touch with the bond-holders and by a letter showing the situation of the Club led others to surrender their bonds.  The Club is free of that obligation.

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